Thursday, October 22, 2009

Revit Tools added with Advantage Pack

In the previous post I listed the new features added to Revit on the Advantage packs.  Also added were some new extensions as well as new downloads. These extensions and downloads are available for all three Revit applications.

New Downloads
  • Extensions for Revit 2010
    • Adds Wood Framing extension
    • Updates to the Grid generator and Freeze Drawings tools
  • Structure Extensions
    • Support for Roads and bridges
    • Integration with Civil 3D on Roads and bridges
    • Updates to the Grid generator and Freeze Drawings tools
    • Rebar now can be checked for interference
    • Improves exports to Robot Analysis
  • MEP Extensions
    • Freeze Drawings tool update
All users also got access to the following separate tools
  • Autodesk Revit Model Review
  • Autodesk Revit DBlink
  • Autodesk Imagemodeler 2009
Model review allows users to create a series of rules based on templates and run checks of your models for energy usage, Revit performance, and many other rule types.  The rules are configurable, and can be saved as templates for future projects. 
DBLink allows users to create and maintain links to Databases from Revit. 
Image modeler is a tool to create 3D models from pictures. I do not know much more than that but we plan to check it out. 

All of the above tools are separate installations and do not come in any of the Advantage packs but are available on the subscription website.

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